I am a self-proclaimed adventurous homebody. As much as I love traveling and exploring a new city, I am just as happy at home with my sweet husband and our two girls. Regardless of where I am, I've learned to cherish the time I have with the ones that I love and to be grateful for all of the incredible people I get to meet along the way. After leaving my career as a registered nurse, I said goodbye to that chapter of my life to build a business of my dreams, but I took away a deep appreciation for life and love. My new found appreciation is what pushes me to tell your story perfectly and I am excited you are here!

I'm Kristy



 I was raised in the gorgeous city of Charleston, South Carolina, so it’s no surprise when I say that I am happiest by the water, with the sun shining down on my face and the wind in my hair.  My family is everything to me and I am beyond grateful to do what I love. 

I can't wait to hear from you!

After being a professional photographer for 6 years you would think, like most things, the EXCITEMENT before wedding days fades over time, but it's quite the opposite for me. I still get fully wrapped up in every wedding day, the couples story, the beautiful details, the florals (I love beautiful floral design.) I still laugh out loud at every hilarious speech, cry when the groom sees his bride for the first time, and dance (sometimes sing) along as the happy couple lets LOOSE on the dance floor! I am fully in it... Every second of it!  and for that reason my clients feel like family to me.  sometimes we leave at the end of the night knowing we are seriously going to miss EACH OTHER!

Before every wedding, I make a list of everything I want for my couple (photographically speaking) based on what they have described to me and what their wedding venues have to offer. There is so much that goes into epic wedding photos and I work ENDLESSLY to make as much magic happen as humanly possible, because my amazing couples deserve nothing less than magic!  It's a wild, exciting, and beautifully creative process that allows me to serve in the way my heart needs to for me to feel fulfilled.  It brings me heart-pounding joy and a profound sense of accomplishment when my couples love their images as much as I loved capturing and creating them! 

Weddings bring me so much joy!

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hello there!


I'm happiest at home with a cup of coffee (heavy on the cream & sugar), flipping through a J.Crew catalog AND Instagram, with a puppy snuggled on my feet. 


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Give me all the peonies and ranunculus!!



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Shooting under a canopy of oaks never gets old!


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Because they are so much fun to style and shoot!


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I mean, who doesn't love a fairytale ending?

Magical Sendoffs

I believe in love and dance floors and endless 
nights with the one that feels like magic!  

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