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Chris & Felisha | Romanic Pawleys Island Engagement Session


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Red dress- Pawleys Island Engagement Session

When Felisha contacted me about photographing her engagement session, It was obvious that she had a clear vision of what she wanted her images to look like, and I am so glad she chose me to help her bring it all together.  Chris and Felisha were such a joy to work with! You can clearly see the love they have for each other in every image. I am so happy for the two of them! Congratulation again! xoxo

Pawleys Island Engagement SessionKristy Roderick Photography-_0504.jpgKristy Roderick Photography-_0543.jpgKristy Roderick Photography-_0500.jpgRomanic Pawleys Island Engagement Session
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0542.jpgKristy Roderick Photography-_0483.jpgKristy Roderick Photography-_0489.jpgKissing at romantic engagement session in Pawleys Island. kristy roderick photography (1 of 1)Kristy Roderick Photography-_0494.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0495.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0493.jpgKristy Roderick Photography-_0497.jpg
Romanic Pawleys Island Engagement SessionKristy Roderick Photography-_0510.jpg
Blush pink and Blue Engagement Session
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0512.jpg
Beach Engagement sessionKristy Roderick Photography-_0511.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0513.jpgKristy Roderick Photography-_0507.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0514.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0517.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0520.jpgKristy Roderick Photography-_0519.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0521.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0522.jpgKristy Roderick Photography-_0515.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0523.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0524.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0526.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0525.jpgKristy Roderick Photography-_0536.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0529.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0530.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0527.jpg

Kristy Roderick Photography-_0538.jpg
Kristy Roderick Photography-_0537.jpg

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